INJUSA 8in1 Tricycle Kangaroo

- Preloved but in very good conditions (8.5/10 - only rocking board not included)
- Suitable for 1yr n up
- Batteries working great for musics
  • With a modern design and ergonomic features tricycle Kangaroo is the ideal way to experience the first moves made by your child right from the age of 10 months.
  • Made in Spain from high quality materials, tricycle has many elements that offer high functionality.
  • Tricycle offers 8 toys in one. It can turn very easy to swing, table activities with sounds and lights in the car pushed, the machine powered down when the baby is not yet able to pedal alone, and not least in tricycle.
  • Shopping for accessories and toys girl
  • Bumper handles child
  • Safety belts
  • rocker
  • various songs
  • Folding pedals inside front wheel
  • Innovative telescopic handle that allows parents more control over triciletei
  • Support for child protection offers added safety
  • Product manufactured in Spain.
  • Product weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions: 103 x 72 x 103 cm
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 10 months +
- Its for RM100.00 include postage fee


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