SMART TRIKE Sport 3in1 Tricycle

- used but in very good condition
- no missing parts
- no broken parts
- Features :

The tricycle that grows with your child

The Smart-Trike Sport 3-in-1 has multiple features to provide babies with a safe way of travelling from an early age. It grows with the child from 10 months up to the age of 3 years, helping to develop motor skills and letting them experience a sense of adventure, with additional safety features that help to keep the baby safe and build confidence.
The trike lets the parent take control with the unique adjustable telescopic steering handle, and it is also fitted with a washable seat cover, matching storage bag, and protective canopy. This durable, heavy duty, full metal trike provides great road performance with rubber wheels and non-slip pedals.

The safe way for your baby to travel
The Smart-Trike Sport features footrests which can be folded away when not required, ideal for your youngster to place their feet on while being pushed along. Press out the clutch for free-wheeling or pedal power, ideal for locking the pedals to give parents full control.
There are lots of great safety features built into the Smart Trike Sport – simply strap the child into the long back support seat complete with seatbelt, waistbelt, and safety bar. For parental control the trike features an adjustable, removable telescopic steering handle with an easy-to-grip handle. When you feel the child no longer requires pushing or steering, simply remove the handle for an independent trike.

Versatility with accessories

The Smart-Trike Sport includes a handy tipping bucket on the back; great for a drink or a teddy to join the child on their journeys to the garden or the park. Many removable accessories make the Smart-Trike Sport a versatile trike to suit different ages and maximum utilization including a detachable, adjustable printed canopy for protection against the sun, a quality storage bag which is co-ordinated with the canopy, a washable, padded, soft seat cover and hand rest protectors for rigid support and safety. It also encourages exercise and outdoor play.

The three settings of the Smart-Trike Pro

Stage 1: 10 months old
At 10 months old, the baby can benefit from the safety of the high back support, enclosing chair arms, seatbelt, and tipping bucket. They can also use the footrest and enjoy the stylish canopy for shade. The parent controls the trike using the long rear handle, which includes a handy zip-up bag.
Stage 2: 15 months old
From 15 months, the parent retains the push-and-pull control of the trike but the seat converts. The baby enjoys the ride (and safety of the seatbelt, chair arms, and front-wheel clutch) while developing confidence, balance, and motor skills.
Stage 3: 24 months old
At 24 months, the Smart-Trike becomes a training tricycle and allows kids to learn how to use the non-slip pedals. Parents can still retain safe control of the trike as necessary with the long rear handle.

- its for RM200.00


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